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    1. Antistatic Box/ESD Box
      Material is conductive plastic, Surface resistance: 104_106Ω. All-purpose injection clapboard, cover available, folded to save 3/4 of storage space.

Model: EP1755
Product: Foldable ESD box
ESD boxes are made from corrugated plastic and they are specially designed for industrial packaging, particularly for electronic products.

Material: polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (HDPE)
Size: any size can be customized
Thickness: 2mm-4mm
Color: White, blue, red, green, yellow, grey, black, pink, etc.
Surface resistance: 10E9-10E11Ω
Polypropylene PP corrugated plastic sheet is an extruded twin wall hollow fluted plastic sheet consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs.
It is mainly manufactured from a high impact co-polymer polypropylene (PP), which can be recycled, is washable, durable and reusable.

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