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Antistatic Box/ESD Box

ESD Circulating Box/ Antistatic Box/ antistatic container

Model: EP1917
Product: ESD Circulating Box
The antistatic box is designed for packaging and transportation of electronics components.
Material is conductive plastic, Surface resistance: 104_106Ω. All-purpose injection clapboard, cover available, folded to save 3/4 of storage space.

Outer size: 510*345*185mm
Inner size: 464*300*175mm
Surface resistant: 104_106Ω
Conductive plastic all-purpose injection clapboard
Cover available, foldable boxes as well
Very economical for storage and transport

P.N. Description Outer Size (mm) Inner Size (mm)
EP1903 Antistatic box 360×270×135 mm 320×240×125 mm
EP1904 Antistatic box 420×310×155mm 380×280×145mm
EP1905 Antistatic box 500×360×175mm 440×320×165mm
EP1906 Antistatic box 560×420×240mm 510×390×235mm
EP1907 Antistatic box 560×420×300mm 510×390×290mm
EP1909 Antistatic box 565×420×380mm 510×390×370mm
EP1911 Antistatic box 600×500×360mm 560×460×355mm
EP1912 Antistatic box 615×425×155mm 580×385×145mm
EP1913 Antistatic box 615×430×120mm 555×373×115mm
EP1914 Antistatic box 560×430×145mm 515×350×140mm
EP1915 Antistatic box 585×405×175mm 538×360×170mm
EP1916 Antistatic box 530×370×205mm 490×330×200mm
EP1917 Antistatic box 510×345×185mm 464×300×175mm
EP1921 Antistatic box 380×240×105mm 340×220×90mm
EP1922 Antistatic box 610×500×400mm 560×455×390mm
EP1923 Antistatic box 620×430×200mm 580×395×190mm
EP1924 Antistatic box 610×415×245mm 580×380×240mm
EP1925 Antistatic box 620×425×320mm 580×395×310mm
EP1926 Antistatic box 620×430×250mm 580×395×243mm
EP1927 Antistatic box 580×368×165mm 535×345×155mm
EP1928 Antistatic box 600×500×160mm 560×460×155mm
EP1929 Antistatic box 580×368×200mm 535×345×190mm
EP1960 Antistatic box 600×500×300mm 565×455×290mm
EP1961 Antistatic box 600×500×150mm 565×455×140mm
EP1967 Antistatic box 670×400×160mm 620×360×150mm
EP1969 Antistatic box 720×450×180mm 680×420×175mm
EP1970 Antistatic box 720×560×380mm 675×515×370mm
EP1971 Antistatic box 565×365×328 600×400×330
EP1906/07/08/09 with cover. Other size can be customized.

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