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Antistatic Chairs/ ESD Chairs

Leather safety chair, leather chair, cleanroom chair

Model: CR1105
Product: Antistatic chairs/ ESD chairs
Aidacom antistatic chairs are made from a synthetic PU leather that is ideal for cleanroom and laboratory use. The chairs are on wheels and they feature height adjustment.

Seat Material: ESD PU leather, available blue and black color
Size: Chair seat 430x400mm, chair back 400x300mm
Adjustable Range: 445mm-605mm (160mm air spring)
Surface Resistivity: 104-106Ω or 106-109Ω are available.
System Resistivity: ≤109Ω
Config: Carbon steel chroming foot, high-strong conductive nylon castor (cup) and conductive chain

Aidacom is a professional grade cleanroom solutions supplier and ESD garment manufacturer in China. We have years of experience and our many different product lines, including our FFUs, filters, air showers, clean benches, antistatic mats, ESD curtains and a wide range of others.

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