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Earth Bonding Plug/ EBP Plug

Grounding plug, antistatic plug, safety plug

Model: EP1240-1
Products: U.K earth bonding plug
EP1240-1 U.K. earth bonding plug with 1 x 10mm stud
EP1240-2 U.K. earth bonding plug with 1 x 10mm stud with 1m resistor
EP1240-3 U.K. earth bonding plug with 3 x 10mm stud
EP1240-4 U.K. earth bonding plug with 3x4mm banana sockets
EP1240-5 U.K. earth bonding plug with 1 x 10mm stud+2x4mm banana sockets
EP1240-6 U.K. earth bonding plug with 1 x 10mm stud and 2 x M5 posts
EP1240-7 U.K. earth bonding plug with 1 x 10mm stud and 2 x 4mm male stud

Dimensions 65*60*50mm.
Color/Matrial: Yellow ABS
Connector to earth resistance 0.9-1.1M Ohms

The earth bonding plug is a safety device that connects directly to the main supply socket. Live and neutral pins are molded in insulating plastic. This fits into the supply socket but remains completely dormant.

At the front of the plug are connectors that are linked through 1M Ohm resistors to the earth pin within the plug. The connectors provide a link to ground for connecting cords from the EPA.

The 1M Ohm resistor to each connector provides protection in the event the workstation becomes a live conductor. The production limits current to less than 0.3mA at 240 volts. If the fault current continues, the resistor will open the circuit.

Insert the plug into the supply socket and then connect the EPA elements such as the wrist strap cord, bench or floor matting connections. This ensures that the EPA is at the same grounding potential.

The EBP is sealed and cannot be opened for repair. To test each connection uses a meter from the connector to the earth pin. The reading should be between 0.9 and 1.1M Ohms. As each connection point has its own 1M Ohm resistor, the resistance between two connectors should be approximately 2M Ohms. All EBP’s are tested and then packed in a bag.

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