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ESD Heel Grounder/ ESD Heel Strap

Grounding device, heel strap, shoe grounder

Product Descriptions
Model: EP1301
Product: ESD heel grounder
ESD heel grounders are suitable for use on almost all standard shoes and they can be adjusted to fit the individual. The heel strap grounds the wearer and this prevents electrostatic discharge which can be dangerous to sensitive electronics.

Resistor: 1 or 2 Megohm
Color: Blue/Black
Ribbon: 18''/22.5'' long nylon/polyester grounding tab with 4 conductive strands
Velcro: 3/4'' Black, Blue
Sole Interior: Non-Marking
Sole Exterior: <105 ohms
Cross-Linked tire grade rubber

Item Description
EP1301-1M-BK Heel Grounder, cup style, black Hook and Loop, 1meg resistor
EP1301-2M-BK Heel Grounder, cup style, black Hook and Loop, 2meg resistor

Carton Size: 50*30*40cm

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