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ESD Gloves

    1. Antistatic Glove/ ESD Glove
      They are suitable for cleanroom applications as well as any time where it would be undesirable to touch materials with your bare skin, such as during semiconductor production.
    1. ESD Glove/ ESD PU Coated Glove
      ESD PU palm coated gloves are absolutely necessary for the production of electronics components. They allow for the safe handling of semiconductors and other electronics items that can be damaged by ESD.
    1. Conductive Glove
      Aidacom conductive gloves are ESD/antistatic gloves that allow for the safe handling of sensitive electronics equipment, particularly in cleanroom environments.
    1. Cleanroom Glove
      Our cleanroom gloves are ESD/antistatic gloves are extremely useful in electronics assembly and packaging. The antistatic gloves are affordable and provide outstanding antistatic properties and do not limit dexterity.
    1. ESD Nitrile Glove
      These are perfect for people with latex allergies and they are often used for the production of medical devices, computers and other products that are made in cleanroom environments.
    1. ESD Latex Glove
      ESD latex gloves are designed for cleanroom applications. The rubber gloves allow for the safe handling of sensitive components and instruments such as medical devices, circuitry and biotechnology products.
    1. ESD Finger Cots
      ESD finger cots are used in in clean room class 100 environments. The cots only cover your fingers individually to produce maximum dexterity.
    1. Cleanroom Finger Cots
      Aidacom cleanroom finger cots are designed for class 100 cleanroom environments. The latex finger covers protect each finger independently allowing for fine motor movement.
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