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ESD Nitrile Glove

Antistatic glove, cleanroom gloves, ESD glove

Model: CR0426
Products: ESD/Antistatic latex gloves
Aidacom produces these ESD nitrile gloves as an alternative to latex gloves and they provide excellent ESD/antistatic properties. These are perfect for people with latex allergies and they are often used for the production of medical devices, computers and other products that are made in cleanroom environments.

Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD/Antistatic).
Exceed standards required for use in class 100 and other controlled environments.
Beaded Cuff.
Used in medical device manufacturing, biotechnology and computer assembly.
Textured Fingers 4 mil.
S.R.: 10E8-10E10
Sizes: 9'' S-M-L 12'' S-M-L
Color: Blue, white
Packing: 100 pcs/package
Odor-free nitrile
Fully textured for exceptional wet grip and sensitivity
Passes viral penetration tests

2000PCS/ Carton
G.W.(kgs): 11.5
Volume(CBM): 52*29*28cm
HS Code: 6116100091

Aidacom is a professional grade cleanroom solutions supplier and ESD garment manufacturer in China. We have years of experience and our many different product lines, including our FFUs, filters, air showers, clean benches, antistatic mats, ESD curtains and a wide range of others.

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