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Conductive Glove

Electronics handling gloves, work gloves, ESD gloves

Model: CR0410
Product: Conductive PU top fit glove
Aidacom conductive gloves are ESD/antistatic gloves that allow for the safe handling of sensitive electronics equipment, particularly in cleanroom environments.

Material: 13G nylon, copper/silver fiber, white PU coated on finger or palm
Surface resistivity:10^3-10^6Ω/sq.
Preventing the skin irritations
Other size can be customized

Conductive Gloves Size
Size(#) XS S M L XL XXL Other size can be customized
Size(cm) 19 20 21 22 23 22
Cuff color Purple White Green Gr e y Yellow Grey

500Pairs/ Carton
G.W.(kgs): 12.5
Volume (CBM): 65*55*30cm
HS Code: 6116100094

Aidacom is a professional grade cleanroom solutions supplier and ESD garment manufacturer in China. We have years of experience and our many different product lines, including our FFUs, filters, air showers, clean benches, antistatic mats, ESD curtains and a wide range of others.

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