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ESD Mat / ESD Curtain

    1. Antistatic Mat/ ESD Mat
      Aidacom antistatic mats can be placed on the floor of production facilities and they ensure that you do not bring electrostatic buildup with you into sensitive environments.
    1. ESD Rubber Mat/ Antistatic Table Mat
      The ESD/Antistatic table mats are produced with two layers. The top layer is a static dissipative layer while the bottom layer is a black conductive layer. The layers have that same thickness.
    1. ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat
      The mats provide a soft surface that can be stood on by workers comfortably for extended periods of time. The antistatic properties make them suitable for the safe handling of sensitive electronics components.
    1. Antistatic Curtain/ ESD Curtain
      The Aidacom antistatic curtain can be installed as a barrier wall or sliding curtain in ESD sensitive environments. The curtain can also be used as a cover for static sensitive instruments and materials.
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