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ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat

Ergonomic mat, antistatic mat, ESD mat

Model: EP1008
Product: ESD anti-fatigue mat/ Antistatic mat
Applications: ESD anti-fatigue mats are primarily utilized in microelectronics production facilities. The mats provide a soft surface that can be stood on by workers comfortably for extended periods of time. The antistatic properties make them suitable for the safe handling of sensitive electronics components.

Material: Top layers-Nature Nitrile, Middle Layer-PVC foamed, Bottom layers-PVC.
Size: Width (0.3-3.0)m*Length20m*Thickness(12,18,22)mm
Color: Black only
Applications: 100KG for 20 hours

1. Making use of advanced production technology, the mat has static dissipative surface resistance of 108-109Ω. The surface resistance is 10E3-10E6Ω. This means that there is a reliable and permanent prevention of static electricity buildup.
2. The mat's composite layer structure provides effective cushioning for comfort while standing.
3. The surface features a yellow warning side.
4. Clean and convenient, easy-to-move does not affect normal working environment.
5. Non-slip design.

Application Process / Venue:
1. Suitable for laboratories and factories with high requirements for static protection.
2. The soft feeling of the mat allows for comfortable standing and walking while working. (Supermarket checkout, petrol filling stations, workshops, laboratories.
3. Standard Available Size:910*610mm,710*610mm, 610*610mm,510*610mm other size can be customized:(400-10000)*W(400-1220)*T(15/20/25)mm.

1rolls/ Carton 30rolls/ pallet
G.W.(kgs): 32
Meas.(mm): 1100 x 180 x 180
Volume (CBM): 0.036
HS Code: 4016999000

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