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ESD Rubber Mat/ Antistatic Table Mat

Grounding mat, Electrostatic Discharge mat, rubber table mat

Model: EP1003
Product: ESD/Antistatic Heat Resistant Rubber Mat
Applications: The ESD rubber mat is a popular product in the microelectronics industry for production workshops and sensitive laboratory environments. These will be found in factories for the production of electronic semiconductor products, computers, communications equipment and integrated circuits.

Material: ESD/Antistatic Bench Mat, Smooth dull finish, 200D, 2 Layers
Size: Width (0.6m or1.2m)* Length (10-30m)* Thickness (2-5mm)
Color: green, grey, blue
Top layer RS: 107Ω-109Ω
Bottom layer RS: 103Ω-104Ω

The ESD/Antistatic table mats are produced with two layers. The top layer is a static dissipative layer while the bottom layer is a black conductive layer. The layers have that same thickness. EP1003 is constructed from high quality nitril material which is highly abrasion resistant, oil resistant, acid resistant and flame resistant. The mats are highly elastic and easy to clean with IPA or water.

1rolls/ Carton 30rolls/ pallet
G.W.(kgs): 32
Meas.(mm): 1100 x 180 x 180
Volume (CBM): 0.036
HS Code: 4016999000

Aidacom is a professional grade cleanroom solutions supplier and ESD garment manufacturer in China. We have years of experience and our many different product lines, including our FFUs, filters, air showers, clean benches, antistatic mats, ESD curtains and a wide range of others.

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