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ESD Safety Gate Control System

Safety gate system, antistatic safety gate, cleanroom gate

The ESD safety gate control system is designed to detect the electrostatic charge status of people as they enter EPA. This system includes a wrist and foot strap tester, static access control equipment and computerized management software that can guarantee that workers have proper ESD protection.

Software Features
Can be tested for Static status and identification, people are allowed to pass the barrier when both standards are met.
1. Easy to set the mode for the EM Card, different modes for different staff. For example, Office workers can be passed the barrier after swiping EM card without testing the static status. But the factory workers have to be tested for static status. They can be passed the barrier when the static test meet the ESD standard.
2. There are five items which can be tested such as Wrist Strap only, ESD Shoes Only, Both Wrist strap and ESD Shoes, Wrist strap and left shoes and Wrist strap and right shoes. There are four modes as following.
A. Door opens after swiping EM card and wrist strap and footware test passed;
B. Door opens after swiping EM card and footware test passed
C. Door opens after swiping EM card and wrist test passed
D. Door opens directly after swiping EM card
The EM card can be set easily to different modes in software
3. LCD screen shows the data and save records of ESD test data automatically such as staff information ( name, photo, ID No.) time, access position, event type, testing item, testing result, number indoor and number outdoor, total number. The record cannot be changed. There would be an alert notice shown in computer screen when emergency matter happen.
4. The EM card must be matched in a period of time, That is, you can go out of the gate system when you go through it by your EM Card. And then you can continue to use the card to go through the gate system.
5. Access Control function, which can control different EM Card for different gate and what time can be used for the EM Card.
6. The record report can show the name, department, position, sex, card No., date, gate access, gate area, register date,valid date, test item, test result(footware, anti-static wrist strap) and display data can be choosed to show or to hide.
7. The record through the gate system can be searched by time, name, job No., card No., department, position, gate access, event rang.
8. The system can be setting batches of ID card information, record of the swiping card input & output and the permission of the member’s testing.
9. It is will be supporting the holiday control function, and setting the 16 groups time zone.
10. The software will be checking the operation log, adding new user, assigning rights to users and language conversion.
11. The connecting net situation of passageway will be monitored by the software.
12. Offering for free control software and development kit protocol HMI interaction, it can be easily achieve volume control and function debugging, and strong expansion.
13. The software should be run in Window system with XP style, humanized design, simple operation and easy to learn.

Static Tester Features
1. The host of static tester are made based on ISO/CD8782-I standard.The touch-test button is the high-performance and stable products in domestic(easy, fast and stable)
2. The LED screen will be shown the high or low of resistance, and also with the alarm.
3. The resistance for footware and wrist strap can be customized
4. Supports off-line work, can be control the barriers ,power locks and air shower and so on.
5. Industrial style, appearance, texture, silk screen, and waterproof.
6. The feature is fast test, stable data, attractive design, supply the safety power DC12V and so on.
7. The static value range in factory default:
Wrist strap low: 750KΩ a high value: 10MΩ (can be customized)
Footware low: 750KΩ a high value: 100MΩ (can be customized)

Electrostatic Communication Board Features
1. The electrostatic controller has been selected the most advanced integrated solutions designed for a new generation of static controller. With stable performance, fast communications, large capacity, compatibility, network convenience and other features,.In anti-static area has been widely use and got a favorable reception, such as SMT production line control zone, the semiconductor industry, clean rooms, high-tech R & D room, biochemical industry electrostatic control zone.
2. TCP / IP communications high-performance integrated Ethernet micro-controller, TCP / IP communications technology with excellent transmission performance can achieve a computer to manage several gate system, Available for individually TCP / IP communication or computer communications by people .
3. Supports external (Weigand / Wigan 26/34 agreement) ID / IC card reader, fingerprint and other equipment control.
4. Two-way management, any record will be provided. Such as attendance.
5. Most of the information can be change by setting software, such as static IP, machine number and so on.
6. Power: DC12V

Access Gates Features
1. (walkway) Tripod Turnstile Gates

This design are adopted the international advanced passive rotary by spring dampers and self-balancing mechanism designed to make sure that the gates will always be in safe and stable running, low noise, with best strength.
Parameters as follows:
A. Size for bridge tripod turnstile gates: length 1200 * W 280 * H 980mm. (Can be customized)
B. Size for Vertical tripod turnstile gates: length 420 * W 330 * H 980mm. (Can be customized)
C. Barrier Width: 550MM (except outside of the chassis).
D. Best following: a shot with one person
E. Indicator: traffic ban warning lamp, channel indicator.
F. Material: 304 stainless steel.
G. Running time: more than 3 million times (expect the destroy by human factor).
H. Pass speed: 40 / min. Due to the specific circumstances.
I. Working environment: -30 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
J. Opening hours: 1-20S, adjustable. Will reset once power on.
K. The barrier opens automatially once power off to avoid the emergency situation.

2. (walkway) Flap Turnstile Gate
Be compose of frame chassis, brake movement,Flap arms,control system,infrared sensors and so on.(popular configuration, smooth run, less destroy, longer life, smooth brake)
Parameters are as follows:
A. Size for Flap gate:: length 1200 * W 300 * H 980mm. (Can be customized)
B. Barrier width: 600mm. (Except outside of the chassis)
C. Indicator: traffic ban lamp, channel indicator.
D. Body Material: 304 stainless steel.
E. Flat Material: transparent, red, blue acrylic + LED lighting / fire retardant flexible polyurethane foam (red) is optional.
F. Pass speed: 40 / min.
G. Working environment: -30 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
H. Opening hours: 1-20S adjustable. Will be reset when power on. Delay closing time function (1-20 seconds).
I. Trailing way: infrared sensor.
J. Pinch method: infrared and movement of dual protection.
K. Running time: more than 3 million times.

3. (Cargo Barrier) Flat Gate:
Considering the swing gate to gate wing can be done relatively wider barrier characteristics. The access management also use the swing gate for cargo or carts.
Parameters as follows:
A. Size for bridge sing gate: length 1200 * W 280 * H 980mm. (Can be customized)
B. Barrier width: 600-1000mm single open folio 1200-2000mm (except outside of the chassis)
C. Indicator: traffic ban lamp, channel indicator.
D. Body Material: 304 stainless steel.
E. Opening hours: 1-60S adjustable. The system will be reset once power on and closing delay function (1-20S).
F. Pinch method: infrared sensor and double protection movement.
G. Following way: infrared sensor.
H. Pass speed: slow
I. Running time: more than 3 million times.

4. Other Barrier Equipment:
Air shower room, barrier free access, electromagnetic lock.

Other Hardware
1. 7 inch display
A. standby displays: name, date and time , warning (you will be enter into anti-static control area, wear good ESD protection and swiping EM card) so on.
B. After swiped EM card will be in another display: the owner's name, card number, events, test items, test results, suggest, detection timeout, and so on.
C. detection timeout time can be adjusted by user..
D. main page:
E. After swiping card page:
F: Other pages:. A wrist strap only B. footware only C. Testing both wrist strap and footware D . No need to test E. Wrist strap and left footware F. Wrist strap and right footware G.invalid EM card.

2 pairs of footware test plate and wrist strap test hole
A. static shoes test to distinguish between left and right bottom shoes.
B. wrist strap test sockets with one piece type, and inlaid into the gates. To achieve a more secure, convenient effect.

Electrostatic Management Computer System Requirements and Configuration
A. In order to install and use HJA-4.0 software, we recommend the following operating conditions.
B. Operating system: Windows xp and above systems. (Eg Windows2000, XP, 7, Vista, server2008 etc.) do not support non-Windows systems.
C. CPU: 1.6 GHZ
D. Memory: 512M
E. Display: 1024 * 768
F. Database: MS SQL Server
G. If the system is relatively large, such as the number of the controller 50 to achieve the above, with the increase in the number, the need to increase system performance. It recommends giving priority to increasing CPU performance and memory capacity.

Standard Access Control System ESD Protection Steps
1. Pre-testing: both of feet must be stand in the middle of the footprints to test.
2. To test the anti-static wrist strap, insert the tester wrist band test wells, or use fish clip to the fish folder directly.
3. Put ID(IC) card to the equipment, and shows the information automatically.
4. After then touch the button for testing, checking the result(maximum period of 0--5S adjustable test over 5S swipe again to be re-tested).
5. If success, the number can be in. If fails, it will shows the result, reason and suggestion in the LCD screen or static tester.

Anti-static access control system and the benefits of action
1 In anti-static protection circumstance, anti-static shoes, anti-static wrist strap are testing and based on the traditional way and roughly test, it is not only waste time,and also because of the human factor and the formation of leak test, the quality of the potential hazards caused by sensitive devices. ESD safety control system also achieve a paperless recording function.

The wrong way for staff to test
1, Into factory without test.
2. Fill Pass card without test.
3, Modify the fill record
4, Fill the wrong testing record
5, Fill the sheet first without test
6, Fill the Pass card without passed
7, Fill record by other people

ESD Safety gate control system can be provide best way for the common disadvantage. Whether equipped with three-roller gate. ESD safety gate control system management can be set up and put an end to the presence of specific human factors, so that the test results more believable.
The system can be a key to the statistics of the test data for all employees, including:
1. Testing result pass or not
2. In and out time
3. Employees access gate name
4. All the information for staff.

This system are got the ground resistance by testing wrist strap or footware, also with LCD or LED screen and alarm indication. The supply for this system is 12V voltage. It is also finish the record with paperless through the safe and convenient test. Your company will be enjoy high reputation by using such ESD safety gate control system.
System Sketch Map 123123

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