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Cleanroom Equipment

    1. Clean Bench
      The purifiers create a clean and sterile working environment. These are vital systems in the production of pharmaceuticals, food, medical equipment and other sterile laboratory settings.
    1. Fan Filter Unit
      The FFU is installed on the ceiling of a clean room (25% to 100% cover rate), with general dimensions of 2’*4’ or 4’*4’. These particular units are suitable for the construction of Class 1 to Class 100,000 clean rooms.
    1. HEPA Filter Box
      This is vital equipment for clean air systems in pharmaceutical production, food production and many other carefully controlled systems.
    1. Cleanroom Air Shower
      Stainless steel air showers are specially designed for the decontamination of personnel/cargo entering cleanroom environments. The blower is designed to blast objects with air and remove any particles that could potentially contaminate the room.
    1. Cleanroom Pass Box
      The air-shower pass box is one of the most efficient ways to perform decontamination and prevent external air pollution in cleanroom environments.
    1. Clean Booth
      These cleanroom clean booths are customizable modular clean rooms that allow you to create the most economical cleanroom that can be installed in nearly any location within days.
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