HEPA Filter Box

Laminar cleanroom filter, cleanroom filter box, HEPA filter

These HEPA filter boxes are used in the air purification systems of cleanrooms rated from class 100,000 to 10. This is vital equipment for clean air systems in pharmaceutical production, food production and many other carefully controlled systems.

Model Air flow Initial resistance And efficiency Filter size(mm) Exterior size
M3/h HEPA ULPA Model Ⅰ Model Ⅱ Model Ⅲ
CP0621 1000 220pa99.99% 220pa99.9995% 600*600*150 565*565*91 (trough) 530*530*80 600*600
CP0622 1500 @0.3um @0.12um 915*600*150 880*565*91 (trough) 845*530*530 915*600
CP0623 2000 1210*600*150 11750*565*91 (trough) 1140*530*80 1210*600

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