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Ionizing Air Blower

Ionizer, ionizing blower, desktop ionizing blower

Model: ATS-001
Product: Desktop Ionizing Blower
Ionizing air blowers provide a stream of ionized air with a balance voltage that is continuously adjustable. The desktop ionizing blower is intended to remove electrostatic charge from the surface of objects. This is particularly useful in cleanroom settings and other carefully controlled envrionments such as electronics manufacturing lines.

Line Voltage: AC 220v/50Hz,110/60Hz
Current Consumption: 0.12-0.5mA/M
Air Velocity: 45CFM-110CFM
Air Flow: 30cm*30cm area coverage
Operating Temperature: 32F-122F
Body Material: Stainless steel
Surface Finish: Powder coating
OuterSize: L190mm*W95mm*H260mm
Ion Balance(Offset Voltage): 0V+/-10V

1pc/ box
Box size: 30 x 15 x 20cm

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