Ionizing Air Gun

ESD ionizer, air ionizer, ionizing air blower

Model: ATS-004
Product: Ionizing Air Gun
The Aidacom ionizing air gun is a handheld blower that produces a concentrated flow of ionized air to the surface of an object. These ESD ionizers are intended for cleaning and neutralization applications in cleanroom environments. Air ionizers are often used in the production of delicate electronics components. The gun has an effective range of 1m and its power supply is sold separately.

Operating voltage: 4.6KV
Current consumption: 350uA /m
Operating temperature: 0℃-50℃
High voltage cable length: 3 Meters
Pressure of compressed air: 0.3Mpa-0.8Mpa
Operating air velocity: 10m/1sec
Weight: 1.5Kg
Testing condition Voltage:500-5000V, Temperature:22℃
Humidity: ≤60% ,Distance 150mm
Distance 30mm 90mm 150mm
Decay time Positive 0.1S 0.4S 0.7s
Negative 0.1S 0.3S 0.8s

1pc/ Box
30 x 20 x 15cm

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