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ESD Tools

    1. ESD Tweezer
      The safety tweezers prevent electrostatic buildup for safe use in cleanroom environments. The tweezers feature a foam pad clam for comfortable and ergonomic control during use.
    1. ESD Brush
      The ESD brush is designed to remove dirt from PCB or other sensitive components, particularly electronics components.
    1. ESD Dispenser/ ESD Bottle
      Many cleanrooms will have solvent dispensers to dispense alcohol, acetone or any other liquid products used in laboratory environments.
    1. Soldering Station
      Modular design
      Light handle that is comfortable and easy to use for extended periods of time.
    1. Soldering Tips
      ADM lead free soldering tips are ROHS Certified by SGS China, These soldering tips offer a cost to performance ratio that is unprecedented.
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