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Cleanroom Products

    1. Cleanroom Wipes
      Aidacom cleanroom wipes are made from polyester and they are highly absorbent. This makes them perfect for safely cleaning cleanrooms which have high sanitary requirements.
    1. SMT Stencil Roll
      The SMT stencil roll comes in various thicknesses, widths, lengths and external diameters.
    1. Cleanroom Paper
      This decreases electrostatic buildup and prevents particle contamination in cleanroom environments. We can produce the cleanroom paper in a variety of colors and sizes.
    1. Cleanroom Notebook
      Cleanroom notebooks are filled with paper that is treated so as to absorb ink more effectively and decreases static buildup. The surface of the paper is smooth and prevents tearing.
    1. ESD Document Holder
      The ESD document holder is a ringed binder that is designed to minimize static buildup, making the folder useful in cleanroom environments.
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