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Sticky Mat / Sticky Roller

Sticky mat, tacky mat, sticky roller, silicon sticky roller

    1. Sticky Mat / Tacky Mat
      Tacky mats such as this remove debris from shoes or wheels as they enter areas with high sanitary requirements. We produce these mats in several levels of tackiness.
    1. Sticky Roller
      These sticky rollers help to ensure product adhesiveness and durability. The rollers are used to remove debris from clothing and other objects before they enter a cleanroom or other strictly controlled environment.
    1. Silicon Sticky Roller
      The surface of the roller is smooth and has a particulate size below 2um. The roller is designed to remove debris and lint from clothing to prevent contamination in carefully controlled environments such as cleanrooms.
    1. Sticky Paper
      Sticky paper is designed to remove dust and debris from objects prior to entering controlled environments such as clean rooms. The high-density surface glue helps attract, even the tiniest granules stuck in crevices.

Name: Cleanroom sticky mat
Remark: CR0701

Model: CR0701
Product: Cleanroom sticky mat
Aidacom sticky mats or sticky rollers are used in many different industries including microelectronics production, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food processing and even in home use. These disposable sticky mats are the most effective way to maintain debris free flooring. They physically remove dirt and other debris from shoes, cart wheels and other items as they cross the mats, entering a sanitary area.

Material of Film: LEPE;
Color of Film: Blue, white, grey, black, green;
Thickness: 35um,40um,45um,50um;
Layers: 30,60;
Size(Inch): 18''*36'', 18''*45'', 24''*36'', 26''*45'', 36''*45''
Rupture Elongation Factor (%):>250;
Tensile Strength(kg/cm²): >170;
Adhesive Force(g/25mm): 200,400,600;
Adhesive of bottom(g/25mm): 500,700,900;
Heat-resistant Range: 60 Degree;
Aging Properties: 12Months;
Packing: 10pieces/box; 5boxes/case. Also can be customized;
Store: The sticky mat should be placed flatly and out of direct lighting..
Remark: Other colors, thickness, sizes, adhesive forces can be customized.

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