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Sticky Mat / Tacky Mat

Sticky Roller/Silicon Sticky Roller/Sticky Paper

These sticky mats are produced from high quality and low density polyethylene materials coated with a water-based adhesive. Tacky mats such as this remove debris from shoes or wheels as they enter areas with high sanitary requirements. We produce these mats in several levels of tackiness. The sticky surface can be peeled away revealing a fresh sticky sheet. There are numbered tabs to keep track of the number of sheets remaining.

Easy sheet-to-sheet removal
Non-transferring adhesive
LDPE Film: No silicone, DOP, Amide detected
Adhesive: No silicone, DOP, Amide detected
Film Material: Low density polyethylene
Adhesive Material: Water-based acrylic
Mat Thickness:35μm,40μm,45μm,50μm
Tensile Strength: >1.2kg/cm
Layes/mat: 30 layers/mat,40layers/mat,60layers/mat
Tackiness: Low/Moderate/High
Standard Dimensions: 18"*36" 18"*45" 24"*36" 24"*45'' 26"*45'', A4 size.
Color: Blue/white/Grey
Other colors, thickness, size can be customized.
Packing: 30 layers/mat, 10 mats/case, 5 cases/ctn(carton).

Aidacom is a professional grade cleanroom solutions supplier and ESD garment manufacturer in China. We have years of experience and our many different product lines, including our FFUs, filters, air showers, clean benches, antistatic mats, ESD curtains and a wide range of others.

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