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ESD Packaging

ESD shielding bag, Antistatic bags, ESD moisture barrier bag, ESD PE pink bag, ESD tape, Kapton tape, Polyimide tape

    1. ESD Shielding bag/Antistatic bags
      The bags are perfect for the packaging of electronics components safely as they provide a barrier between statically charged items and the sensitive components.
    1. ESD Moisture Barrier Bag
      The bag protects against exposure to static shocks and provides a moisture barrier to keep the contents safe and dry.
    1. ESD PE Pink Bag
      These Aidacom ESD PE pink bags are outstanding packaging solutions that help to protect electrostatically sensitive components.
    1. ESD Tape
      The antistatic properties of the tape are outstanding and the surface impedance is up to 10-6-8 so that the static charge cannot build up.
    1. Kapton Tape/ Polyimide Tape
      Kapton tape is a polyimide film with a silicone adhesive tape. The polyimide tape is highly temperature resistant and is ideal for printed circuit boards during wave soldering or solder dip processes.

Name: ESD Shielding bag
Remark: EP2401

Model: EP2401
Product: ESD Shielding bag
Application: Our ESD packaging is designed for the packing, storage, and transportation of IC and other electrostatically sensitive components. These bags provide a shield between the electronics components and static buildup that may be present exteriorly.

Thickness 3.1 mils Outer Layer Resistance <1011Ω/sq
Tensile Strength 5800 psi Metal Layer Resistance <103Ω/sq
Static Shielding <30V Inner Layer Resistance <1011Ω/sq
Decay Time <0.03S Attenuation of EMI >10dbv
ESD Film
Item P.N Size W*L(m) Item P.N Size W*L (m)
ESD Film EP2401F03 0.3 * 500 ESD Tube Film EP2401T03 0.3*500
EP2401F05 0.5*500 EP2401T05 0.5*500
EP2401F06 0.6*500 EP2401T06 0.6*500
EP2401F08 0.8*500 EP2401T08 0.8*500
EP2401F010 1.0*500 EP2401T010 1.0*500
EP2401F012 1.0*500 EP2401T012 1.0*500
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