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ESD Garment / Clothing

    1. ESD Coverall/ ESD Jumpsuit
      Aidacom ESD coverall are designed for workers that perform their duties in cleanroom or highly controlled working environments such as electronics factories. The jumpsuits feature an antistatic function that avoids damaging sensitive electronics and prevents sparking.
    1. Antistatic Smock/ ESD Smock
      These antistatic smocks or ESD smocks are designed for workers in cleanroom working environments as well as for electrostatically sensitive factory environments such as electronics production plants.
    1. Antistatic Labcoat/ ESD Overcoat
      The Aidacom antistatic lab coat is outstanding ESD protection clothing. Wearing the ESD overcoat on top of your clothes, prevents electrostatic buildup and this protects sensitive electronics and sparking.
    1. ESD T-shirts/ ESD Polo Shirts
      Our ESD t-shirts and polo shirts are suitable clothing for cleanroom and highly sensitive factory environments such as electronics production facilities.
    1. ESD Fabric
      Aidacom ESD fabric is an antistatic material that can be used to produce any number of ESD cleanroom garments and other items that would be suitable for cleanroom and sensitive electronics production environments.
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