ESD Fabric

Antistatic fabric, ESD material, cleanroom fabric

Product Descriptions
Model: PL-G5
Product: ESD Fabric
Aidacom ESD fabric is an antistatic material that can be used to produce any number of ESD cleanroom garments and other items that would be suitable for cleanroom and sensitive electronics production environments.

Material: 98% Polyester + 2% conductive fiber
Size : Width 1.5meter * Length 130meters/roll
Standard Weight: 120gsm
Pattern: 5mm Grid
Color: White, blue, green, yellow, pink, etc.
Yarn Count: 1/2 twill
Technics: Knitted
Knitted Type: Weft
Surface Res. 1x106-1x109Ohm/sq
Static Decay Time <0.17 sec.
Permeability to Air: 15cm3/cn2/sec
Washing 30C water washing or dry clean
Life more than 60 repetitive washings
Applying Cleanroom: 100-10000 class
Fabric Electric Charge Density ≤3uc/m2
Bearing Pull: 29.4 N(newton)
Standard: GB12014-89
The material is made from ester fiber with filament and imported conductive fiber.
Purification area of C10-C10000.
Effectively prevents static buildup in the human body.
Special lint and dust free construction.

Washing Instructions
Machine washable, up to 40° C
Do not bleach
Do not allow contact with strong acid or alkali electrical properties
EN61340-5-1 electrical properties maintained after more than 100 Industrial washes.

Electrical Properties
Test item Test standard Typical values Requirements
Point to point resistance R P EN 61340-5-1 10 e7 - 10 e10 R P 10 12 Ω
Decay time EN61340-2-1 0.5~0.9 Sec Peak voltage≤150V < 2sec to 10% of initial value(max peak voltage 1000v)
Aidacom ESD Fabric Composition
P.N. Item Polyester % Cotton % Conductive Fibre % Strip Grid Weight Application
PL-S5 Cleanroom Fabric 99 0 1 5mm x 125g Smock,Jumpsuit,Jacket
PL-G5 Cleanroom Fabric 98 0 2 x 5mm 130g Smock,Jumpsuit,Jacket
PL-G25 Cleanroom Fabric 96 0 4 x 2.5mm 140g Smock,Jumpsuit,Jacket
TC-G5T ESD Woven Fabric 64 34 2 x 5mm 150g Smock ,Jacket
TC-G5H ESD Woven Fabric 64 34 2 x 5mm 260g Smock,Jacket
TC-G4T ESD Woven Fabric 63 33 4 x 4mm 150g Smock ,Jacket
TC-G4H ESD Woven Fabric 63 33 4 x 4mm 260g Smock,Jacket
PLD601-6 ESD Diamond Poly Fabric 94 0 6 4mm x 150g Smock
PLD601-12 ESD Diamond Poly Fabric 88 0 12 2mm x 150g
KC-150 ESD Knitted Fabric 0 96 4 5mm x 150g ESD Shirt
KC-280 ESD Knitted Fabric 0 96 4 5mm x 280g
KP-148 ESD Knitted Fabric 96 0 4 5mm x 148g
PL210 ESD Poly Wool 97 0 3 x x 210g Winter Coat
PL280 ESD Poly Wool 97 0 3 x x 280g
PTW501 ESD Poly Twill Wool 84 12 2 12mm x 155g Jacket,Coat and Pants
TCT601 ESD TC Twill Wool 74 24 2 12mm x 240g Jacket,Coat and Pants
TCD701 ESD TC Drill Fabric 74 24 2 12mm x 155g Jacket,Coat and Pants
TCU201 ESD Uniform Wool 74 24 2 12mm x 160g Jacket,Coat and Pants
S135G5 Conductive Silver Fabric 0 88 12 x 5mm 135g Earthing Bed Sheet, Earthign 
S135G725 Conductive Silver Fabric 0 96.5 3.5 x 7mm*25mm 136g

Aidacom is a professional grade cleanroom solutions supplier and ESD garment manufacturer in China. We have years of experience and our many different product lines, including our FFUs, filters, air showers, clean benches, antistatic mats, ESD curtains and a wide range of others.

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