About Aidacom

Founded in 2002, Aidacom is a comprehensive provider of turnkey cleanroom products and electrostatic discharge (ESD) solutions, such as our FFU, filters, air showers, and cleanroom components. Our products are carefully constructed to meet all of the specifications that our customers require and they are rigorously tested before leaving our factory. Many of our customers are involved in industries such as electronics manufacturing, biopharmaceutical applications, printing, food production and other operations that require highly controlled working environments. No matter the requirement, Aidacom has the solution. More

Main Products
    1. ESD Garment / Clothing
      Aidacom ESD coverall are designed for workers that perform their duties in cleanroom or highly controlled working environments such as electronics factories.
    1. ESD Mat / ESD Curtain
      Aidacom antistatic mats can be placed on the floor of production facilities and they ensure that you do not bring electrostatic buildup with you into sensitive environments.
    1. ESD Gloves
      They are suitable for cleanroom applications as well as any time where it would be undesirable to touch materials with your bare skin, such as during semiconductor production.
    1. Antistatic Wrist / Heel Strap
      The antistatic wrist strap is a comfortable and fully adjustable band that is designed to ground the wearer to prevent electrostatic discharge.
    1. ESD Shoes
      Aidacom antistatic shoes are Velcro mesh footwear that are suitable for wear in cleanroom environments.
    1. ESD Chair
      Aidacom antistatic chairs are made from a synthetic PU leather that is ideal for cleanroom and laboratory use. The chairs are on wheels and they feature height adjustment.
    1. ESD Box
      ESD boxes are made from corrugated plastic and they are specially designed for industrial packaging, particularly for electronic products.
    1. ESD Cart
      The ESD cart was designed for transportation and storage of items in cleanroom environments laboratories. antistatic nature allows the to be used with sensitive electronics components. ...
    1. ESD Packaging
      These bags provide a shield between the electronics components and static buildup that may be present exteriorly.